My first ever project for 2012: Naked Cake

This is my first blog post and I honestly don’t really know how to start but I’ll just dive in anyway!

The Naked Wedding Cake.

A few months before, I was asked by my friend’s sister, Gia, to make a “naked cake” similar to that of Hilary Duff’s wedding cake. Instead of the traditional fondant-covered wedding cake, the naked cake is composed of tiers that are unfrosted, all layers being edible and all sides, visible.

I was hesitant at first to accept the offer because it is Gia’s wedding gift for her best friend. If I accept it, she will be my first client and that naked cake will be my first wedding cake project ever. I don’t want to disappoint. And I’m definitely scared to “ruin” a wedding celebration because of a badly made cake.

Honestly, I know that I lack the experience in making wedding cakes. The only time I assembled one was when I was still studying in culinary school. All of the tiers were made of styro foam and covered with fondant then decorated. But I thought to myself, I’m given an opportunity. If I will not grab it now, when will I be able to start? That is my problem ever since- I lack confidence. But I want to change that.

So after some reflection, I accepted the offer. I need to do this right. I need to do this for myself. So on to the meeting…

The bride wanted a mocha sponge cake. But since it is a naked cake, every side is visible and the appearance of a sponge cake is not that smooth as compared to a pound cake. In addition to that, since the appearance will look very plain and simple, the taste will be the star here. So I suggested that I’ll create pound cake layers for superior buttery flavor instead. For the decorations, instead of using fresh flowers, the clients decided to use sugar flowers- gum paste that is. The bride requested for lavender.

So here’s what the clients’ idea is.

Here’s the result of their very own naked cake:

photo by Paolo Abarquez

THE JUDGEMENT: After delivering and assembling the wedding cake at Antonio’s in Tagaytay, I left- still pressured, nervous and restless. Fortunately, Gia texted me after a few minutes and said that they were really happy with the cake. They also mentioned that from afar they could really smell the aroma of mocha. (I can breathe freely now. Whew!)

Days after the wedding, I received a text coming from Gia saying that the newly wed couple really liked the cake and said it was perfect. The top tier that they took home didn’t even last for a week. She also said that they were very much satisfied with the cake and I delivered well and went beyond their expectations! :D

First ever wedding cake project: 08 January 2012, Antonio’s Tagaytay – CHECK!

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2 Responses to My first ever project for 2012: Naked Cake

  1. Robyn says:

    Hi there we love your cake and are wanting to build a large naked wedding cake. Just wondered how you actually build them- do you need to use supports at all?
    Thank you

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