Seven Corners Buffet

My boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary by eating at Seven Corners Buffet located at the second floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas Avenue.

It was actually called Seven Corners because the place literally has seven corners showcasing the different gourmet dishes such as Oriental, Mediterranean, Western, etc. Compared to Sofitel, the choices were not so overwhelming. The huge drapes of maroon curtains added to the classy and elegant ambiance.

We went there for lunch and there were only about 30 people eating so the staffs were able to accommodate us efficiently whenever we approach the buffet.

Although we were attracted to the different-colored maki and sushi because they were visually appealing; flavor-wise, we still enjoyed the classic california maki. Micah, being a pizza lover, went back to the pizza station several times. The pasta were cooked al dente and were very filling. I should have gotten a smaller portion of the cream-based pasta!:o

This was one of my favorite- the rib eye steak! We asked the kitchen staff to cook it medium well. The meat was fork tender and juicy. We got a smaller serving of the lamb chops because I have always been hesitant when it comes to eating lamb chops. I don’t like the (“ma-anggo”) after-taste of these types of meat. But when I tasted the Seven Corners’ version, I actually liked it.

While enjoying the steaks, I noticed that the servers took out a lechon de leche. THIS IS ONE OF MY GUILTY PLEASURES! I was not able to take a photo of this Filipino classic because… uhmmm… okay… I am guilty. I totally forgot! All I wanted was to take a bite of that lechon! I would say this would be one of the best lechon i ever tasted. I was actually wondering where they got it. The skin was literally wafer-thin. I haven’t seen one like that before. Usually, I have to scrape off all of the fats clinging to the crispy skin… but not in this lechon de leche! It was actually leaner compared to other versions available in the market. After only a FEW MINUTES, the lechon was gone! Luckily, i was able to get a second serving! Haha!
Then on to the desserts! My specialty! Well, the desserts were nicely assembled and decorated. (Okay. I also forgot to take pictures of the desserts! You already know the culprit! =|) But seeing that these were just layers of chiffon and cream, flavored and decorated differently, I already expected that the taste-wise, these sweets would disappoint me. The best dessert there would be the marbled cheesecake and I would give it just a 6 out of 10. After getting 3-4 slices of the petite cakes, I proceeded with my all-time favorite dessert- ICE CREAM!!! Not to mention, I can eat a pint in one sitting. Sadly, I was, again, disappointed with the Seven Corners ice cream. They were served softer than what I expected and the flavor was not too creamy. You can choose to add some toppings such as the Belgian chocolates, marshmallows, candies, etc. But even though I added some Belgian chocolate chips into my ice cream, these did no good. The flavor fell flat. I’d rather eat a Magnolia vanilla ice cream which is much creamier and “milkier”.

Overall, the buffet experience was really nice. If I would go back here, I’d return for their steaks and hopefully, I will be reunited with my lechon de leche. It was really LOVE AT FIRST BITE!

  • Main Course: 8/10 … lechon de leche: 10/10 ;D
  • Desserts: 6/10
  • Value for Money: 8/10
  • Will I go back? Yes (esp. for the lechon!=D)
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