Ultimate Taste Test #8: Global Gastronomy

Last May 24, I joined the 8th installment of the Ultimate Taste Test which was held at the NBC Tent at The Fort. The Ultimate Taste Test event was first organized by the prominent food blogger, Mr. Anton Diaz of http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com.

This event is made for both the passionate people who are starting up their home-based businesses and for those food lovers who wanted to be a food critic for a day. Basically, the first would prepare bite-size samples of their specialty good for around a thousand food critic participants. The latter will then get the chance to taste the food prepared by several vendors and then rate these from 1-5, 5 being the highest. As an incentive to the vendor who has a rating of 3.5 and above, he will be featured in Mr. Awesome Planet’s blog. And if the food is really good, then it will go viral.

I could still remember joining the UTT 5 at the NBC Tent and the UTT 6 at Rockwell as a food critic. I was just curious back then and I just wanted to know what happens in Ultimate Taste Test events. It was actually a unique and fun activity that can be shared with friends The entrance fee is sulit because as a food critic, you’ll be able to taste around 30 different food, from main course to desserts. And if you’re lucky enough, when the UTT event is about to end and there are still food samples left, you can actually go back to your favorite booth and ask for a second or a third serving!

In my opinion, the Ultimate Taste Test can really help promising entrepreneurs to be known in the”foodie” community. It has been almost two years since the 5th Ultimate Taste Test, but I still can’t get over Chef Lolly’s shrimp siomai and Carmen’s Best Ice Cream!

Recently, I joined again! For the UTT8, I participated not as a food critic but as a food vendor under the brand Blue Toque. The two products that I showcased in that event are one,  The Ultimate, which is a multiple layered mousse cake made with Belgian chocolate and two, the classic cream cheese brownies, a fudgy brownie with a generous amount of cream cheese topping. The first was named as such because for me it is the ultimate mousse cake. Not to mention, it is also a Blue Toque original which I personally “created”. If I were to describe it, The Ultimate has a unique blend of flavors which is nutty and at the same time chocolatey, creamy yet crunchy.

If joining the Ultimate Taste Test as a food critic was fun, joining it as a food vendor is much more challenging and exciting. Whenever you see people approaching you and commending you for a job well done, that is just priceless!

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Micah and my brother Henry who helped me in this event. Couldn’t have made it there if not for them.

PS: Right now, we’re still waiting for the results! I’m hoping that I made it to the top 10 list! *fingers crossed* =)

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