Foodgasm 2012 and Blue Toque

Last July, I received an invitation from the UP Economics Society to join one of their projects – The Foodgasm. Basically, it is very similar to the Ultimate Taste Test of Mr. Anton Diaz, except that it is not only a food tasting event but also a food competition. And with Foodgasm, the winners will receive trophies and be featured by several food bloggers.

At first, I was unsure about joining but my friends encouraged me. So on the last minute, I registered. We were asked to attend an orientation a week prior to the actual event. In the orientation, the UP Economics Society president gave us a brief introduction about his organization and the project heads then discussed the details and the schedule for Foodgasm 2012.

Come August 25, during the set up time, everyone was busy and things were a bit messed up – the floor plan was not followed, the fans were not turned on, and the place was really crowded. So when the event started, more and more people came in. Imagine the heat inside the Mercato tent! :o

My entry in this event was “The Ultimate”. The same one that made Blue Toque win the title for “Overall Winner for the dessert category” in the Ultimate Taste Test 8.

*article can be found here.

I had a hard time focusing and attending to the foodies because of the hot environment. The sample display of “The Ultimate” also began to melt! :o

Although it was a tiring experience, it was also fulfilling at the same time. Despite of the distracting hot environment, hearing very nice comments and raves from people energizes me! =)

photo by Alex Ner

The only time that I was able to sit and relax for a bit was when the tallying of scores started.While waiting, I went to my co-food participants’ booths to share “The Ultimate”. In return, they were also generous to share their samples too. =) So I got the chance to try each participant’s food as well.

I liked Flavor Avenue’s paella because it was very flavorful and the topping added texture to the dish. Bistrology’s risotto balls were also interesting. Risotto in a ball form with soft mozarella cheese inside – definitely a must try! And since I’m a big ice cream fan, I enjoyed Mad Mark’s vanilla ice cream. Not to mention, the crunchy belly was also so addicting!

After a few hours of tallying, the UP Economics Society awarded each food participant with a certificate. After which they started to announce the winners for the special categories.

Here’s the list of the categories with the corresponding winners:

  • Most Innovative Award: Tofud Sweet’s Blueberry Tofu Cheesecake –> I totally agree that this is the most innovative! Although the cheesecake is made from tofu, the taste was not compromised at all. Innovative and interesting!
  • Experts’ Favorite Award: Blue Toque’s “The Ultimate” –> Yeeey! =D
  • Knorr Award: Flavor Avenue’s Paella Valenciana –> Yummy and very friendly representatives!

There was still one final award left. I was really hoping that I would get that award. I’m sure every participant in that event wanted the trophy. Who wouldn’t want that, right? But I also knew that not all people like desserts so that gives the savory dishes an advantage. And also, established stores such as Pastry Princess, were also there. (I wrote a post on Pastry Princess’ cupcake just recently.) But I was still hopeful…

And after a few minutes of suspense, they announced the Overall Winner.

When they revealed that Blue Toque got the Overall Champion Award, I was so relieved and overjoyed! I made it! I was so glad and so thankful!

Thank you again to my brother Henry and my boyfriend Micah who helped a lot during the set up and the taste test. Wouldn’t have done it without them. Thank you to my friends Teppy, Iris, Aaron, etc for attending the event and supporting Blue Toque. =)

And thank you to everyone who made Foodgasm possible – the UP Economics Society, the sponsors, the foodies, the bloggers, the chefs, etc.

Congratulations to UP EcoSoc for a succesful event. There’s still a lot of room for improvement. But hey, for a first timer to launch that kind of event, it was not bad at all! =)

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3 Responses to Foodgasm 2012 and Blue Toque

  1. Congratulations! a well-deserved win! I have heard you from numerous blogs and I really want to get my hands on “The Ultimate” soon!

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