Ultimate Taste Test X: Rockwell

Last September 15, Blue Toque once again joined the Ultimate Taste Test. This time, the event was held in Rockwell Tent from 11 to 9 pm. It was hosted by Tim Tayag.

There were lots of familiar faces and participants- some I already saw in Foodgasm 2012, some were high school classmates. I also got the chance to chat and thank Mr. Anton Diaz for the Ultimate Taste Test 8 opportunity. Like what I have mentioned in my previous UTT 8 post, the Ultimate Taste Test is a great way to showcase great products of small businesses or start ups with less marketing funds. I also met The Pickiest Eater and his lovely wife during the event.

For the Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test X, Blue Toque (BT) featured its new product, the Nutella Mousse Cake. It’s a combination of moist dark chocolate, Nutella mousse and finished with Nutella cream. The other entry is the BT gourmet cookie– the Belgian Chocolate Cookie. It is a classic cookie packed with imported dark Belgian chocolates to ensure that you get that “Belgian Chocolate goodness in every bite“.

Some foodies say that they liked the Nutella Mousse Cake because it is less sweet compared to The Ultimate. Another foodie commented that the Belgian Chocolate Cookie reminded her of her childhood experience. According to her, she remembered how her mom baked homemade cookies for her the old-fashioned way. :)

After lunch time, Tim Tayag and a hard-to-please foodie went around to try each stall’s samples. It was fun listening to their ratings and comments. They finished all the appetizers/ main dishes first before proceeding with the desserts. Finally, when they reached our stall, they got to try our products and both of them gave us a perfect 5 for our Nutella Mousse Cake! :)

Compared to the UTT8, for me this was a bit more tiring because it was a whole day event. Personally, I prefer the short 3-hour UTT events. Good thing, there were additional help and support from friends.

When the event was about to end, we shared our samples to other stalls and we got to try their samples too. One of my favorites is the New Zealand ice cream. I have tried this already before in their Megamall branch. Their ice cream is really creamy and smooth. Hokey Pokey is the best! Not to mention, the owners were really very kind and generous. I also liked the Masatami swiss cheese shaved ice but their langka flavor, not so much.  The roasted beef belly of Hillside Ranch was really tender and juicy. Bake Buddy’s red velvet cookies were bit sweet but I actually liked them! Some old time favorites are the Panzarotti, Crunchy Belly and Cheese Steaks. :)

And once again, I would like to thank Henry, Micah and Teppy for the help. Thank you also to a few good friends who attended the event. Thanks to Tender Blender Food Design for the poster of our Nutella Mousse Cake. Thank you to Mr. Anton Diaz for the event. Thank you to Mrs. Rache Diaz for the invite. :)

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Nutella Mousse Cake
6″: P575
8″: P875
Belgian Chocolate Cookies
6s:   P195
10s: P310
bitesize: P300 (approx. 35s)
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